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He left the present following season 12 and was replaced by Al Jean. Writers credited with episodes in the thirteenth season included Joel H. Cohen, John Frink, Don Payne, Carolyn Omine, George Meyer, Mike Scully, Dana Gould, John Swartzwelder, Ian Maxtone-Graham, Matt Selman, Tim Long, Jon Vitti, Matt Warburton, list of Slasher episodes Deb Lacusta and forged member Dan Castellaneta. Freelance writers included Bill Freiberger. Animation directors included Bob Anderson, Mike B. Anderson, Mark Kirkland, Jen Kamerman, Lance Kramer, Nancy Kruse, Lauren MacMullan, Michael Marcantel, Pete Michels, Steven Dean Moore, Matthew Nastuk, Michael Polcino, The Mandalorian tv Jim Reardon and Chuck Sheetz. The main solid consisted of Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Krusty the Clown among others), Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson), Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz), Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson), Hank Azaria (Moe Szyslak, Apu, Chief Wiggum, amongst others) and Harry Shearer (Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, among others). Other cast members included Marcia Wallace (Edna Krabappel), Pamela Hayden (Milhouse Van Houten, among others), Tress MacNeille (Agnes Skinner, among others), Grand Hotel episodes Russi Taylor (Martin Prince) and Karl Wiedergott (further characters). Some critics felt season 13 was an enchancment over the earlier Scully seasons.

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It might only add to Joel’s character too, and embellish his arc further, Dollface show thus making it an incredible storytelling direction for the HBO series to take. Another good strategy for the story of HBO’s The Last of Us to take is taking a look at Ellie’s life prior to the events of the sport. While gamers do get a bit of bit extra of Ellie’s backstory because of the Left Behind DLC that released for the first sport, For All Mankind series she nonetheless has plenty of historical past that the video games don’t tap into. Left Behind recounted the inciting incident of the sport: when Ellie got contaminated. It additionally filled within the gap in the primary narrative when Joel was presumed dead and the story skipped ahead a bit of. However, Ellie’s character still has plenty of unexplored again story and her life before assembly Joel might be a compelling story. For starters, Sorry for Your Loss new Season she was born during the pandemic. How or why is past anyone’s guess, Season 1 The Feed but her mother and father clearly didn’t stick around very long as Ellie reveals she was taken under Marlene’s wing early on.

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